Image from page 514 of “Riding and driving” (1905)

Image from page 514 of "Riding and driving" (1905)
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Identifier: ridingdrivi00ande
Title: Riding and driving
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Authors: Anderson, Edward L. (Edward Lowell), 1842-1916 Collier, Price, 1860-1913 Tailer, T. Suffern Fairman Rogers Collection (University of Pennsylvania) PU
Subjects: Horsemanship Driving of horse-drawn vehicles CHR 1905 PRO Neifert, Mrs. (donor) PRO Anderson, Edward Lowell, 1842-1916 (autograph, 1905)
Publisher: New York London : The Macmillan Company
Contributing Library: University of Pennsylvania Libraries
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and his physicalmake-up, it will always remain superficial andunsatisfactory. On the other hand, once thesefundamental matters have been studied andunderstood, the handling of the reins becomesall-important to the coachman. First of all, spareno pains to get your reins in your left hand atthe proper length, and once there they should bekept there. All the nicety of driving dependsupon this. If the reins must be lengthened andshortened every few minutes, none of the direc-tions to follow can be of much use. Such giveand take as there must be between hand and bitsshould come wholly from the gentle give andtake of the wrist. When the reins are to beshortened for going down hill, and lengthenedagain going up, the two methods for thisoperation have been described in the chapteron driving one horse. With a nicely bittedpair, the turn to the left and the turn to theright may be made by turning the hand asdirected in the same chajiter. Where morepower is required, the turn to the left may be

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