Image from page 530 of “The Cuba review and bulletin” (1904)

Image from page 530 of “The Cuba review and bulletin” (1904)
Heart Disease
Identifier: cubareviewbullet05muns
Title: The Cuba review and bulletin
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Munson Steamship Line
Publisher: New York : Munson Steamship Line
Contributing Library: The LuEsther T Mertz Library, the New York Botanical Garden
Digitizing Sponsor: The LuEsther T Mertz Library, the New York Botanical Garden

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end of the island, the only importantpoint of export for cocoanuts being Baracoa. This narrowing of area is chiefly dueto a disease known as the heart rot or bud rot, which has Israelically ruined thecocoanut groves in the middle and western parts of the island. Around Baracoa thisdisease has recently made serious inroads, and competent authorities are convinced thatunless the bud rot can be checked the whole industry is doomed. This is a serious outlook. Sr. Sini6n. the chief buyer of cocoanuts in Baracoa,states that the monthly production of nuts in the surrounding region, which might atone time have been roughly estimated at throe millions (including those used forfeeding pigs, those sent to the oil mill, etc.), is now reduced to two millions, andis still dropping. This represents a money loss to the region of about ten thousanddollars per month, comparing the present with the best days of the industry. The diminulion is in spite of the fact that new cocales (cocoanut groves) have

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, Ipiiroduced by periiii.sslon of the Estaoioii Cciitral Agroiioniica (ic Culia. Two cocoanut trees which have died from the bud rot. and an affected tree, which afterwardsdied. When the picture was taken the leaves of the living tree were beginning to turn yellow. • Mrs. Home is the wife cf Wm. T. Home of the staff of the Cuban agricultural station, especiallyassigned to investigate the cocoanut disease at Baracoa. THE CUBA REVIEW And Bulletin. 19 been constantly coming into bearing, so that, were it not for the bud rot, the produc-tion would have increased. The cocoanut growers near Baracoa now became alarmed and appealed to GovernorMagoon to authorize an expert investigation of the disease and its possible remedies, and,through this appeal, Mr. Wm..T. Home, of the Cuban Agricultural Experiment Station(Estacion Central Agronomico de Cuba), was sent to Baracoa to study the conditionsthere and see what could be done. Mr. Home had already made careful studies of the cocoanut bud rot,

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