Image from page 567 of “Diseases of the heart and thoracic aorta” (1884)

Image from page 567 of "Diseases of the heart and thoracic aorta" (1884)
Heart Disease
Identifier: diseasesofheart00bram
Title: Diseases of the heart and thoracic aorta
Year: 1884 (1880s)
Authors: Bramwell, Byrom, Sir, 1847-1931
Subjects: Heart Diseases Aortic Diseases Heart Aorta Aorta, Thoracic
Publisher: Edinburgh, Pentland
Contributing Library: Columbia University Libraries
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FlG. 212.—Fressin-e 2^ oz. FiG. 2[3.—Pressure 3 oz. Figs. 212 and 2(3.—P^dse tracings in a case of Aortic Regurgitation. The tracing shown in fig. 212 was taken on the patients admission to hospital ;the arteries were almost empty during the ventricular diastole. a-i^=up-stroke ;/;=apex ; (r=tidal wave ; d indicates the position of the aortic wave, which isabsent in this tracing. Fig. 213.—Taken from the same patient after the administration of digitalis.The letters have the same significance as in fig. 212. rial walls are atheromatous, when the mitral valve is incom-petent, and when the heart is very feeble, the characters of thepulse, which I have just described, may become variouslymodified. 5. Capillary and venous pulse.—In aortic regurgitation apulse wave can sometimes be seen in small vessels, such, forexample, as the retinal vessels and the capillaries of theskin, in which, under normal circumstances, pulsation is in-visible. The capillary pulsation ^in the skin is be

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