Image from page 693 of “Review of reviews and world’s work” (1890)

Image from page 693 of "Review of reviews and world's work" (1890)
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Identifier: reviewofreviewsw40newy
Title: Review of reviews and world's work
Year: 1890 (1890s)
Publisher: New York Review of Reviews Corp
Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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ate more highly than she what she receives with the whole democracy in her peace-mak-from others above what she gives to them. ing. So it has proved to be when friendsThus, from girlhood, democracy has been her have feared and foes have decried the lonelysocial ethics, both the rootage and fruitage stand she has firmly taken against the extradi-of all that is best and highest in human life tion of some friendless refugee, or in behalfand culture, and no American more than she of some race sufifering persecution because ofhas better exemplified and interpreted it as one or more of its misguided or unworthysuch. In the final estimate, what she has representatives, or in between the cleaving,done to reattach to their rightful part and clashing lines of our own industrial classes,lot in the life of the community the classes Her mediation in industrial strife has beenisolated by the conditions of their labor or most efifective just when and where it has 690 THE AMERICAN RB^lEU/ OP REyiEWS.

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t HULL HOUSE. CHICAGO. THE MOST COMPLETE SETTLEMENT PLANT IN THE (Miss Addams, with Miss Ellen Gates Starr, organized the settlement in J S89, in the rooms Hull mansion.) WORLD,of the old been most persistently misunderstood and mis-interpreted. Here, too, her attitude is basedupon an identification with the real andabiding interests of both sides, which is sofundamental as to prevent her from satisfyingthe demands of the partisans on either sideof the temporary issue. In these times thattry mens souls, her spirit is to be tried bywhat has proved to be best in the long run,rather than by what the self-seeking or thetimid claimed as the only thing to be doneat the moment of passion or indecision. Thusjudged, her Newer Ideals of Peace standapproved not only by what ought to be inthe saner future, but quite as much by whathas and what has not transpired in the dis-tracted and distraught past. The strain ofQuaker blood running in her veins will yetbe analyzed to be only the one, red, raci

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