Image from page 787 of “Dr. Evans’ How to keep well;” (1917)

Image from page 787 of “Dr. Evans’ How to keep well;” (1917)
Identifier: drevanshowtokee00evan
Title: Dr. Evans’ How to keep well;
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Evans, William Augustus, 1865- [from old catalog]
Subjects: Medicine, Popular Hygiene Sanitation
Publisher: New York, Pub. for Sears, Roebuck and co. by D. Appleton and company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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e any possible cure for phthiriasisof a number of years standing? Reply.—I suppose you mean pityriasis—a scaly, scurfy eruption some-times attended by itching. It is of no particular consequence. Nobody isliable to die from it nor is it found in people in poor health. Use sulphurointment regularly. Have It Removed.—C. A. A. writes: I have had a wen on my headfor a long time. Do you think it is harmful? If so, how could I getrid of it? Reply.—A wen on the head is about the most harmless of tumors.Have it removed with the knife. What Ringworm Is.—I. R. writes: What is ringworm? Can it becured? If so, please outline the best and surest treatment for it? Is adoctor able to cure it through some specific remedy? Reply.—1. Inflammation of the skin due to a parasite. 2. Yes, the best and surest method of cure is the use of X-rays. Agood method is to pull out the hairs in and around the ringworm patchand to keep them pulled out. Wash the patch twice daily with soap and 730 THE SKIN

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Illinois Medical Journal. Fig. 245—Ringworm of the Scalp. water and then paint with iodin or rub in a sulphur and mercury oint-ment. Spend at least ten minutes rubbing the ointment in. 3. Ringworm cannot be cured by anybody in a short time. Patient,persevering thoroughness is a necessity of treatment. It matters littlewhat drug is used. It matters much that patient, thorough care begiven. May Be Ringworms.—Mrs. G. N. writes: Will you tell me what threeor four bright red patches on a mans scalp might be? They are coveredwith a crust and are of a months duration. He says they do not itch, buthe is constantly scratching them when home. The scalesare showing inhis hair. Hepoohs at theidea of their be-ing anything, buthis mother hashad eczema allher life and othermembers of hisfamily have hadthe disease, andnow his 10-year-old daughtershows a spot sim-ilar on her scalpand he laughs at the coincidence. This man wont be careful about usingothers combs or put his wash rag out of the child

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