Image from page 809 of “Diseases of the heart and thoracic aorta” (1884)

Image from page 809 of "Diseases of the heart and thoracic aorta" (1884)
Heart Disease
Identifier: diseasesofheart00bram
Title: Diseases of the heart and thoracic aorta
Year: 1884 (1880s)
Authors: Bramwell, Byrom, Sir, 1847-1931
Subjects: Heart Diseases Aortic Diseases Heart Aorta Aorta, Thoracic
Publisher: Edinburgh, Pentland
Contributing Library: Columbia University Libraries
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Fig. 288. Aneurism of the transverse portion of the Aortic Arch, which produced great difficulty inbreathing from pressure upou the Trachea and left Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve. Death resultedfrom rupture into the Trachea. {Back vieio, natural size.) The letter a points to the ascending portion of the aortic arch; b, to the innominate artery;c, to the left common carotid artery; rf, to the left subclavian; c, to the descending portion ofthe aortic arch; f to the pulmonary artery; h, to the oesophagus; i, to the aperture of rupturein the trachea, which is situated immediately above the bifurcation of the bronchi. M^UgAH jCuMMINcbTHC?. EdIN

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. 289. Aneurism of t/ie thoracic aorta, rupturing into the cesopluigus. (Natural size, seen from behind!) The letter a, points to the oesophagus just above the orifice; h, to the aneurism. The sac wasalmost completely filled with laminated fibrine, the clot can be seen through the orifice in theoesophagus. M^LuotCuaHiNstiTxa^Elii

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