Image from page 92 of “The pot of gold, and other stories” (1892)

Image from page 92 of "The pot of gold, and other stories" (1892)
Healing Arts
Identifier: potofgoldotherst0freem
Title: The pot of gold, and other stories
Year: 1892 (1890s)
Authors: Freeman, Mary Eleanor Wilkins, 1852-1930
Publisher: Boston, D. Lothrop company
Contributing Library: Information and Library Science Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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e his abbot without it,picked up Peters little sister, who was trembling inall her little bones, and carried her into the chapel,where the Monks were just assembling to sing anothercarol. He went right up to the Christmas abbot, whowas seated in a splendid chair, and looked like a king. Most holy abbot, said the nearsighted father,holding out Peters little sister, behold a miracle,vide miraculum ! Thou wilt remember that there wasone wax doll planted which did not come up. Behold,in her place I have found this doll on crutches, whichis —alive! Let me see her! said the abbot; and all theother Monks crowded around, opening their mouthsjust like the little boys around the notice, in order tosee better. Verum est said the abbot. It is verily amiracle. Rather a lame miracle, said the brother who THE CHRISTMAS MONKS. 93 had charge of the funny picture-books and the toymonkeys; they rather threw his mind off its level ofsobriety, and he was apt to make frivolous speeches unbecoming a monk.

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The abbot gave him a reproving glance, and thebrother, who was the leach of the convent, came for-ward. Let me look at the miracle, most holy abbot, 94 THE CHRISTMAS MONKS. said he. He took up Peters sister, and looked care-fully at the small, twisted ankle. I think I can curethis with my herbs and simples, said he. But I dont know, said the abbot doubtfully. I never heard of curing- a miracle. If it is not lawful, my humble power will notsuffice to cure it, said the father who was the leach. True, said the abbot; take her, then, and exer-cise thy healing art upon her, and we will go on withour Christinas devotions, for which we should nowfeel all the more zeal. So the father took awa}Peters little sister, who was still too frightened to speak. The Christmas Monk was a wonderful doctor, forby Christmas Eve the little girl was completely curedof her lameness. This may seem incredible, but itwas owing in great part to the herbs and simples,which are of a species that our doctors have no

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