Improve Body Building Performance with Massage Chair Therapy

If you are serious about body building, then you may want to investigate the benefits of regular massage therapy. Studies continue to show that regular massage therapy helps to increase muscle tone, improve range of motion, enhances your flexibility and reduces recovery time from injury. You already know the importance of diet, exercise and stretching. These are important elements of your established routine. Regular massage therapy should be added to your routine as well. Although time constraints may not allow you to see a massage therapist, a convenient alternative is a massage chair recliner.

If you body build, then regular massage therapy helps you in many ways. It increases circulation allowing the body to supply more nutrients and oxygen. It helps to relax and soften overworked muscles and can soften injured muscles and scar tissue. It reduces the incidence of cramps or muscle spasms. It helps to increase your range of motion by increasing your joint flexibility. It reduces the recovery time from strenuous workouts while reducing aches, pains and discomfort. Massage therapy releases endorphins or your natural pain killer to reduce pain and speed recovery from surgery.

Massage therapy is becoming standard practice in many sports for both pre-event and post event. As part of your warm up, massage therapy helps you prepare for peak performance before your event. This helps to decrease muscle tension, enhance your flexibility while increasing your mental awareness and alertness. In the competitive arena, these are important factors which can give you an edge over your competition.

The reason most body builders do not get regular massage therapy is it is simply not convenient. They have to schedule an appointment and the therapist is only available at certain hours during the day. Getting regular massage therapy can thus be problematic. A massage chair recliner on the other hand, provide you with 24/7 access and no appointment is required. You can get frequent massage therapy, which studies have shown is the key to getting the real benefits from massage.

Massage chairs continue to advance with the unprecedented pace of technology. You can now find massage therapies ranging from Sports massage, acupressure, deep tissue, Shiatsu and Swedish style massages. Each of these massage techniques has particular target areas and specific benefits. These massage chairs also have full body massage capability from head to toe. If you have a specific area you want to target, then you can focus the program exactly where you want.

Some advanced massage chairs also have full body heat. Heat can be applied to different sections of the massage recliner. This helps to reduce swelling and help blood flow. Also, there are lower body traction systems. These traction systems will stretch out the lower body from the lower back, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. This is especially relieving after a good strenuous work out. Some massage chairs incorporate music players with headphones so that you can relax in your own environment.

Massage chairs are viewed as luxury items as massage in general is also viewed. The economics of getting regular massage therapy is actually pretty reasonable. A massage therapist can cost you $ 50 per hour plus tip. Massage chairs can run as little as $ 3 per hour. Most massage chairs are built for a minimum of 1,000 hours of life, with higher end models much higher. If a massage recliner costs say $ 3,000 and you get 1,000 hours of massage therapy, then that is $ 3 per hour. This is very economic.

If you are looking for an edge over the competition, then you owe it to yourself to find out how regular massage therapy can benefit you. The benefits of regular massage therapy are significant. Massage therapy is useful before and after your event. Keep yourself in top condition and get the edge you need with the convenience of a massage chair recliner.

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