Improve Meditation Working With A Guru

Many people have wondered from time to time what exactly meditation is. There are many different answers to that question. At its core, though, meditation is the act of clearing the mind of distractions to achieve an internal goal. The process is incredibly personal and will change for each person based on their personal notions of meditation. A simple explanation of meditation could be the act of focusing ones energies inwardly, to promote growth.

Learning meditation with a guru may also be a good idea. However, the concept of a guru is a bit daunting for most people. They believe that when working with a guru, they feel like that a part of their privacy is violated on a spiritual level based on the questions that a guru asks. Some people think that working with a guru will have their brain washed or lose self control.

This is not true, as no guru would want that. When working a guru, the lessons that one learns aren’t just the form or the methods of meditation practice. There are lessons related to life and philosophy that a guru can teach for contemplation and reflection. Meditation is there for you to ponder the answers you may have come to from a guru’s questions.

The guru-disciple relationship is also scary for a lot of people because of the stories they’ve heard about abuse or being hit hard because the disciple didn’t make the answer to a guru’s question. There are only a few guru that have broken this trust.

A true relationship with a guru is done out of love and respect with the idea being that the disciple creates their own spiritual magnetism and does not have anything to do with a guru’s needs or wants. A true guru’s purpose is to bring the disciple out of bondage of the self and to create an inner freedom at the highest potential possible.

Meditation does not need to be a formal activity. It has common to refer to hobbies that are found to be calming as meditation. For some people this means that their “meditation” may be listening to music or baking. While not as all encompassing as the traditional concept of meditation, this still has the benefit of reducing stress. Stress has been shown to aggravate many physical medical conditions. Thus even immersing oneself into a hobby can achieve the benefits of meditation.

As you can see meditation has many forms. There is the traditional Yogi or Buddhist interpretation of what meditation is, as well as the more loosely defined calming hobby activities. The one thing that all forms of meditation share in common is that they involve cutting out distractions and focusing one’s mind to achieve a goal (enlightenment, wisdom, healing, calming). Take the time to learn to meditate the correct way and consider the use of a guru for best practices.

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