In Between Creative Writing Workshop

In Between Creative Writing Workshop
Event on 2017-08-06 11:00:00
in-between is a non-space that leads to the idea of exploring creative possibilities between spaces, cultures, forms/structures, the inner and outer world, the intermediate area of life’s experience,identity as a fluid human condition that evolves and changes all the time. Participants will learn the writing process from brainstorming to final draft. They will be given reads, visual and oral prompts and assignements to produce their own creative work which will result in a performance and an anthology/zine. Participants will have the chance to meet other writers and take part at the Creative Encounters monthly event.   The course will be structured in a way that you'll be able to work on a weekly basis You'll be sent lessons in pdf You'll be assigned exercises and reading lists (exercises will be returned to me) You'll be followed up and also share your work among participants and have a weekly group online discussion In the course of the workshop you'll be put in touch with writers across Africa  When the workshops is over you'll be asked to submit your best work and we will guide you towards the  publication process on a literary Magazine and also perform at Creative Encounters., a dynamic platform for artists based in Nairobi. If sponsor allows an anthology or zine of the works will be published.   

at Nairobi
UN Complex
Nairobi, Kenya

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