In Singapore coronary heart disease is free of panic

One can drastically reduce the risk of heart attack by following a healthy diet. Healthy dieting is strictly important to lead a long and healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy food can hinder the blood from forming a plague among the artery walls, lessening the risk of the heart attack.

For the good health of the heart, maintaining a balanced body weight is essential. Our body weight should be commensurate with our height. The more your body grows in weight, the more you are prone to invite a heart attack. Thus, a controlled body weight has no substitute. It helps us to ward off many of the health hazards. We become free from sugar, asthma, high blood pressure, and some cardiovascular diseases. To reduce the body weight we should take less calorie food and more fibre food. Fibre is an ingredient of food that fills up the stomachs faster than regular foods, helping us eat less and therefore preventing the increase in weight. We get fibre from most of the whole foods including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and whole grain not only help to control weight gain, but also help to decrease the level of cholesterol within our bodies. The cholesterol is utilized within the body to produce hormones, build new cells, and to strengthen nerves. But, while there is excessive cholesterol within the body, it begins to deposit on the walls of the artery and thus, increases the risk of heart attack significantly. So, to overcome this risk, we should eat foods that contain cholesterol at a very low level.

The cholesterol is not the sole thing that we should keep at a very low level inside our body. Intake of sodium is another important thing that we should consider thoroughly. Too much sodium in our diet may be harmful to the health. According to researchers, due to more intake of this thing our body retains more water. This lot of water makes our heart work under a pressure to perform its normal work. So, we should limit our sodium intake to one teaspoon or less in a day. Eating a variety of whole foods can prove to be very fruitful to the health and may assist to lessen the risk of a heart attack. To get the optimum results, we should eat raw vegetables and fruits. This will definitely help to conserve the enzymes within the food, offering you all the health benefits that the food has to tender.

Another important thing is cayenne. It strengthens each blood vessel in the body including tiny capillaries that carry oxygen and nutrients to every cell and take away the toxic waste products from the cells. Hot peppers prevent the blood from clotting. All these help us to prevent the heart attacks and strokes. Herbalists opine that number one herb for the heart is hot peppers. To know more about coronary heart disease, please visit the clinic of Dr Lim Ing Haan of Singapore.

Dr. Lim Ing Haan is the forerunner in the arena of modern coronary heart disease treatment. She has removed the panic about the heart attack.

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