Indie/Rock/Alternative Compilation – October 2017 (1-Hour Playlist)

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    • avatar alexrainbirdMusic 1

      Here's your indie/rock/alt fix for October! Leave a like if you enjoy as it really helps my channel. Comment and subscribe too! 🍂
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      • avatar hello, it’s Jay 1

        I actually came here to hear what drumming for this kind of genre sounds like for a band I joined. It’s actually somewhat catchy and minimalistic

        • avatar Trashy Ashey 1

          This music is awesome! It is so fallish

          • avatar PolarTitan Gaming 1

            Ummm what’s with the song shift at the beginning? Or are we just ignoring it?

              • avatar Rassada 1

                Listen to this track

                • avatar Alawi Muhammad 1

                  Thanks from indonesian

                  • avatar Александр Одинский 1

                    спасибо из России

                    • avatar Dana Dali 1

                      This music is the best for my study time thank you ❤ you are helping me 😍

                      • avatar Edward Bautista 1

                        Its my birthday today! October babies whatup? You guys have good day and just chill

                        • avatar Maddie Shirley 1

                          These compilations have gotten me through soooo much exam study! Perfect to have on in the background whilst trying to get through some essays! Thanks so much :D

                          • avatar Marko Marc 1

                            Sounds nice. Miss some non english entries perhaps. How about these guys from I think Sweden. Cant understand a word but good tune:

                            • avatar Hanna 1610 2

                              I'm sitting here in my room, draw and listening to this Playlist! relaxing!❤
                              Sorry for my bad english I'm from Germany

                              Hallo an alle Deutschen❤😂

                              • avatar big fat 1


                                • avatar MDD&TOP10g Don 1

                                  Thanks from Poland

                                  • avatar Maria Jose Rangel Acuña 0

                                    I love this mixes, they help me find awesome music every month!! :D

                                    • avatar Muska T 1

                                      Not bad

                                      • avatar Water Raccoon 1

                                        the only thing keeping me going at this point tbh

                                        • avatar Francisco Garcia Jr 1

                                          Can we get more guitar while I like this, I feel I should be in a coffee house feeling depressed.

                                          • avatar Oswin Oswald 1

                                            What was the first song called¿