Info About Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

Sciatica and lower back pain are interconnected to one another. Back pain may be a result of many problems and sciatica is one of its manifestations. There's a well known belief that pain in the lower back region may be caused due to sciatica; but contrary to this, sciatica is actually a form of lower back pain. This situation is caused because of swelling of the largest nerve in the body and that's sciatic nerve.

There're three main bifurcations of sciatic back pain which are acute pain, chronic pain and subacute pain. It is the chronic pain that takes a great deal of time to get cured. Such pain may emerge out unexpectedly. Acute pain doesn't take long to get cured. It doesn't last for a long period of time. It's perhaps the most common form of sciatic lower back pain. Subacute pain can take three weeks to get healed.

In case you are struggling with back pain, you need to be extremely careful to prevent pain from worsening further. Firstly, you have to be cautious of your posture. Don't slouch while sitting or standing. Try to keep your shoulders upright. Additionally, be certain that you don't bend or lift heavy objects. This will exert increased strain on the sciatic nerve, which means increased pain.

While you exercise care and caution, you may be searching for an appropriate treatment too. Nevertheless, mostly proper rest alone may be enough to cope with the problem. This is even more appropriate in case sciatica has been caused as a result of physical trauma or injury.

Now in case, rest factor doesn't contribute to your health, exercise as well as physical therapy can be seen as salvation. There are many exercises that are specially designed for sciatica. These exercises help in relieving the pressure on the sciatic nerve and provide complete respite.

Apart from rest and exercises, you can also use a number of pain relief medications for treatment of sciatic lower back pain. These medications offer fast relief. Usually, Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Medications (NSAIDs) are preferred by sciatica sufferers to find relief. NSAIDs minimize the sciatic nerve swelling and provide pain relief.

There're some rare cases of sciatica where in the above mentioned treatments fail to provide relief. In such scenarios, surgery for sciatica is the only solution. Medical procedures are quite expensive. Additionally, they may hinder routine activity as a person takes time to get back to normal life.

So, if you experience or are experiencing acute pain, get in touch with a qualified physician as soon as probable. Your doctor will tell you about the main cause of the pain and will also suggest you a proper remedy for the same.



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