Info On Minimal Testosterone Signs

The hormone, testosterone, is manufactured in both the male testes and female ovaries. Various factors can cause low testosterone symptoms and should be investigated.

There are two main functions for testosterone in the body. It is required to form and to maintain male sex organs and to promote male sex characteristics like hair growth cycles and voice deepening. It facilitates muscle growth and bone development and maintenance of bones. The production of testosterone is controlled by the release of hormones from the brain.

In both males and females aging plays a distinct role in the formation of this hormone and this is the time it starts to wane. One of the reasons why testosterone levels start decreasing is that the gland called the pituitary is not making sufficient amounts. A lack of response to prompting by the brain can also cause the hormone organs to stop working efficiently and this can cause a drop in levels.

Common causes of the failure of the production organs could be related to testicles that have not descended; scrotum injury; cancer therapy; mumps virus; aging; chromosomal abnormalities or ovary conditions in females. Causes of the failure of the pituitary gland to produce testosterone could include damage to the gland; compromised blood flow to the glands; inflammation which could be caused by tuberculosis; HIV and AIDS can be a cause and the illegal usage of anabolic steroids can also be a cause. Obesity is also another possibility as obesity promotes the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

The age of the individual will determine low testosterone symptoms. If there is a low dose of testosterone in the fetus, the development of the genitals can be compromised. This will generally cause underdevelopment of the penis and also of the scrotum.

Low testosterone levels before or even during puberty will cause a lack in the maturity of sexual growth. The voice might not mature, the body hair will be minimal and the penis as well as the testes may not develop adequately. Low libido and inhibited sexual capability may be a symptom of low testosterone levels in the case of adults. Infertility, muscle mass loss and erectile inability are further symptoms.

Infants are normally screened for abnormalities, however when puberty is imminent, sex specific development should be monitored. Low testosterone symptoms should be noted carefully by adult males as well.

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