Inlet Yoga Prenatal Yoga 6-week Series w/ Caitlin Tralka

Inlet Yoga Prenatal Yoga 6-week Series w/ Caitlin Tralka
Event on 2017-06-02 10:30:00
Empowering expectant mothers while preparing them for a flowing birth experience, Caitlin Tralka’s approach as a Prenatal Yoga teacher + Doula{sister} is to reconnect women to this knowledge as our right of passage.

Within each woman is an innate wisdom that intuitively understands about the natural birth processes. Natural processes like pregnancy and birth are much dependent upon a woman's ability to trust in her inner knowing. This wisdom leads women to support the process rather than work against it. In this way, nature is allowed to take its course.

Each class, conducted within a calm and peaceful setting, is intended to bring awareness to the mind, body and spirit, as well as the spirit of the baby. The series of postures will help improve circulation, support digestion, strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles and mobilize the spine which ultimately prepares a women for labor as well as the 4th trimester, postnatal.

Each student can expect to learn practices that help with building strength and stability, while allowing for safe and gentle softening of the joints. During pregnancy, hormones rapidly increase, and cause the ligaments and joints to relax to make room for a growing baby. It seems most appropriate for Mama to fully embrace her changing body and feel empowered to bring baby Earth side!

Caitlin’s hope is that the prenatal series gives women tools and modifications so they can have a positive, prenatal safe experience in any yoga class. Her intention is to build a community of like-minded women who prioritize self-care and love as a necessary tool for motherhood and beyond.

These classes are available for both new and experienced students. Feel free to drop in or sign up for a package of classes.

at Inlet Yoga
233 East Main Street
Manasquan, United States



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