Integrating Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Hypnotherapy with Jimmy Petruzzi

Integrating Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Hypnotherapy with Jimmy Petruzzi
Event on 2017-09-04 19:30:00
Integrating Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with HypnotherapyCPD workshop eventFree for Existing StudentsDate: September 4th Time: 7.30pm to 930pmVenue: Rise Manchester231 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4ENWith: Jimmy Petruzzi World Renowned High Performance coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, Award Winning Coach, Bestselling Author, Presenter, award winning speaker, developer of Cognitive Reprogramming, World renowned and sort after conference speaker Jimmy Petruzziwww.nlp-trainingcourses.comEmail the centre on to register if you would like to attend the event limited places applySyllabus:•Introduction to the CBT approach•What is CBT•Fundamentals of CBT•Overview of behavioural methods•The ABC Model•Defining irrational beliefs•The triadic structure of CBTAsking Questions and Using Body Language Principles of physical psychology•Mindfulness meditation practice, including cultivating kindliness towards yourself and empathy for othersIn psychotherapy, hypnosis is most often used to complement cogni-tive behavioural approaches. Hypnosis is essentially used to implant new, positive suggestions into the subconscious while circumventing critical analysis by the conscious mind. These suggestions challenge and replace negative beliefs that reside in the subconscious and under-lie the client’s problems, both cognitive and behavioural expressions.As cognitive behavioural therapy approaches have the same basic ob-jective, but primarily addresses the conscious mind, hypnosis is a val-uable addition to ensuring a stronger, multifaceted perspective. Re-search has found that this combination is much more effective that traditional cognitive behavioural therapy. In a meta-analysis of 18 studies that compared CBT with the same therapy supplemented by hypnosis, the average client receiving cognitive behavioural hypno-therapy showed greater improvement than 70% of clients receiving only non-hypnotic treatment (Kirsch, Montgomery, & Sapirstein, 1995).Concepts reach areas of the brain that were formed early in phylogenetic history ; they reach primitive sides of the brain, the hypothesised focus of maladaptive psychological patterns. Problems are lodged in the limbic areas of the brain, the emotional /social centre. If problems were located in pre frontal cortex, the reasoning centre , they would be easy to resolve-an instruction manual would suffice. In contradistinction,We also have a dedicated youtube channel Channel to support learners seminar is in no way a replacement for any prescribed medication; nor is it intended to contraindicate or supersede any medically diagnosed conditions

at The Manchester Escalator
231 Deansgate
Manchester, United Kingdom



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