Introduction to Graphic Design using Canva

Introduction to Graphic Design using Canva
Event on 2017-10-02 10:00:00
This is a one day course for people seeking a fast and efficient way to produce their own stunning visuals and graphics. If you have little to no knowledge of graphic design and are perhaps put off by the steep learning curve of Photoshop, illustrator or Indesign then Canva is fast becoming the popular alternative.  Canva is a simple but highly versatile online design package favoured by professional and non-professional designers alike. Its highly intuitive drag and drop interface allows users to take full control of their design projects, maximising their creativity while saving time.  Canva is a great way to create social media posts, infographics, presentations, branding and even brochure and book covers.  Course Content: * An introduction to Canva and what it can do for you or your business * Becoming acquainted with the Canva interface through interactive exercises * Introduction to the fundamentals of graphic design; including topography and colour theory * Applying your new knowledge of Canva to a number of creative tasks. E-Book/Magazine cover design, typesetting, card    design, social media, branding and presentations is now offering one day and half-day courses in London, Bristol and Bath for design novices who wish to learn more about this exciting new package. These focused, interactive courses are taught in small groups (no more than eight) and give students the opportunity to learn Canva quickly so they will be working on their own design projects in complete confidence in no time.

at EGG, London
200 York Way
Holloway, United Kingdom



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