INTUITION Training with ESP – ROMANESTE (SILVA Method BLS #303,#404) LONDON 2 days: 2017 June 24-25 [CID:317]

INTUITION Training with ESP – ROMANESTE (SILVA Method BLS #303,#404) LONDON 2 days: 2017 June 24-25 [CID:317]
Event on 2017-06-24 09:00:00
Self-Mind-Control INTUITION TrainingIntuition is a learnable skill – here you can start practicing The second half of the original Silva Basic Lecture Series – 2 daysSilva Method BLS modules #303,#404   (Note, pre-requisite for this course is the completion of the Silva Method BLS modules #101,#202) Taught in 60 countries * 10+ million graduates since 1966  Western Yoga MeditationApplied Psycho Neuro Immunology Stress management & Mind-development toolset ____________________________________________ We use only 2% of our brain's capacity, according to researchers at Stanford University. The Silva mind-control method is a scientifically based, simple, practical, discreet, easy to learn toolset which enables us to use our MINDS significantly more, so that we can solve our problems more effectively.  Ultimately to become healthier and happier.  It is designed to elevate the creative powers of our mind by the use of advanced VISUALISATION and IMAGINATION, POSITIVE THINKING and deep RELAXATION. RELAXATION is proven to relieve STRESS which is the cause of the majority of our illnesses.   Benefits of using The Silva Method include but not limited to RELIEVE STRESSCURE INSOMNIAWAKE UP WHEN WE WANT (using our body-clock)STOP 90% OF HEADACHES and MIGRAINES WITHOUT MEDICATIONUSE MORE of our SUBCONSCIOUS AND THE COLLECTIVE-MIND in making BETTER DECISONSIMPROVE OUR MEMORYLEARN FASTER and REMEMBER MORE (e.g. studying LANGUAGES)ACHIEVE OUR GOALS (e.g. HEALING ourselves and our loved ones; SPORT, ARTS,…)FIND A BETTER JOBGET RID of BAD HABITS (drinking, smoking, over-eating, laziness, untidyness) WITHOUT ANY WILLPOWER involvedHELP / COMMUNICATE with our CHILDREN and other LOVED ONES without wordsIMPPROVE OUR RELATIONSHIPSFEELING MUCH MORE ENERGETIC BEING  HEALTHIER AND GENERALLY IN BETTER MOODand last but not least IMPROVE our capability of LOVE, FORGIVENESS and HAPPINESS   Day-1 & 2: Intuition Training with ESP (Silva BLS #303,#404 aka SIT) Second half of the Silva Method Foundation course, called the  Silva Intuition Training.  At this course you'll learn how to develop your intuition, inspiration, creativity and living a purpose driven life with meaning.  You'll establish reference points in the subjective dimension and practice ESP (Effective Sensory Projection).   Note, Day-1 & 2 : Self-Mind-Control with Dynamic Meditation (Silva BLS #101,#202 ) can be booked separately or together with this course (when booked together there is a generous discount. See ____________________________________________ The Silva MethodStress Management, Intuition and Mind Development System find out more on our UK website  The Silva Method Courses are accredited towardsTeaching Degrees and selected Medical Diplomasin some EU countries  ___________________________________________________________  Mai multe informații Calendarul evenimentelor:  ____________________________________________     Instructor/Lector: Ede Halászy, Instructor certificat al Metodei SilvaPredă Metoda Silva la Paris, în româneșteClic aici și coboară pagina pentru a-I vedea profilul      VENUE of this seminar (click): Holiday Inn  Westfields Shopping Centre (click)  at the London Olympic Park, Stratford City   Car Park: £9.50/day           ____________________________________________      FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  How can I prove eligibility for CONCESSION tickets? Admittance is strictly by producing suitable documentary evidence of eligibility to this concession, to be presented before the start of the course. If you are unsure of the suitability of the document, you can email a scanned copy to Students: A Valid Student Card (e.g. ISIC ) is required as proof of eligibility. Children Silva course concession: Silva Children Course Certificate or Children Silva ID-card is required as proof of eligibility. How can I prove I am a REPEATER ? Show your Silva Method International ID-card or your Course Certificate (BLS or SLS) when you arrive at the course.Lost Silva-ID cards may be replaced, click here:   THERE ARE MORE ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE. CLICK HERE

at Thistle Marble Arch Hotel
55 Bryanston Street
City of London, United Kingdom

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