1. Jennifer Montes Jennifer Montes

    Looks like he can still see outta the infected side…look closely u can see him looking at u through the darkness

  2. Chris Savage Chris Savage

    why not? they'd do it if he were a Rockefeller

  3. Lana the trucker Lana the trucker

    He is at fault for letting it get like this. I hope they can cut it out.

  4. Megan L. Megan L.

    yes but he might die in the process it's ether live or die in this situation

  5. Wendy Adams Wendy Adams

    Of course they should operate. A lady who lives 4 doors away from me, had at fall at 98, she broke her hip, and they operated on her 3 days later, AFTER they had done a thorough risk assessment.

    She was classed as low risk, and went home, walking, a few weeks later.

    I, now have to say she is 101 yrs and 3 months old, and is living in a nursing home.

  6. Fancyfree See Fancyfree See

    At :56 you could see his right eye staring out at you… I hope he gets better tho. But I say it's up to him. If he wants the surgery not anyone else.

  7. Lana the trucker Lana the trucker

    This guy let it get like that!

  8. Kimberly Faison Kimberly Faison

    And Yes again

  9. Kimberly Faison Kimberly Faison


  10. Kimberly Faison Kimberly Faison


  11. Dr Undo Tattoo Dr Undo Tattoo

    It depends on his overall health. Some people age 80 are completely debilitated and an invasive surgery could kill them while others can be in good health, spry and active. I sincerely doubt this started as a pimple a year ago. Its been around al lot longer that that invading the orbit , sinus and external skin. The eyeball seems completely destroyed. Often patients either refuse to believe they have an illness or tumor while others become to fearful to have it checked. thus they finally present with an advanced giant invasive fugaited tumor.

  12. Sharon Woodard Sharon Woodard

    yes yes yes yes that is no way to live

  13. Loretta del Sosa Loretta del Sosa

    yes … operate

  14. deborah schouten deborah schouten

    Absolutely! What quality of life would he have otherwise?

  15. Wanda Steeves Wanda Steeves


  16. Shalanna Crawford Shalanna Crawford

    I would stay in my home clean every thing and go to sleep

  17. Lana Honaker Lana Honaker

    This old man is a perfect example of: if an unusual growth appears on your body SEE A DOCTOR! Do not ignore it!


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