Is white tea the next big thing?

White tea, like most delightful, awesome, incredible and totally mind blowing herbal,natural,home) remedies has its roots a few thousand years ago in the southern regions of China, in particular the Fu ding and Fujian provinces. Since its discovery White tea has been used as a health drink as well as a delightful cocktail offered to wealthy guests.

As you probably know all tea comes from the Camilla sinensis plant. To make it more simpler, white, black and green tea comes from the same plant. The difference in their colors and benefits relates to what is done before and after the leaf is picked from the plant.

While the different colors of tea are interesting, it is quite funny that white tea gets its name from the silver fuzz like material that covers its buds. This later does turn into white when the tea is dried up.

The tea leaves go through a much lesser growth period compared to other forms of tea like green tea.

White tea leaves are cut when they are just small buds which make the resulting tea a better and healthier drink.

It has a mellow and light taste and as is the case with green tea, you should steep it in very hot water.

White tea has much less caffeine than green tea as it is plucked way before it is fully grown as a leaf

As we saw above white tea tastes awesome but besides its awesome taste it's also a good natural medicine. Studies have shown it increases the lipoprotein lipase activity in the human body which increases the metabolism rate thus helping in weight loss. It helps in prevention against cancer, it maintains lower levels of cholesterol, it helps in blood circulation by thinning the blood, reducing high blood pressure, stronger bones, healthier skin, and the list goes on and on.

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