Jam4Leukemia Charity Dance Event – Zumba/Hip-Hop Workshop

Jam4Leukemia Charity Dance Event - Zumba/Hip-Hop Workshop
Event on 2017-10-14 12:00:00
Come and JAM OUT with our Founder Steven Lamar as we celebrate his life with Leukemia. This is a Free Charity Dance Event aimed to aid Blood Cancer Research. Donations are welcomed but not required to participate in the fun!  Any donations received are gifted 100% to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Charlotte.  We have a goal to raise 00, so feel free to come jam with us on this fun filled day and help Blood Cancer Research!2 Dance Events in OneSchedule: 12pm-2pm: Hip-Hop Fitness/Zumba (Instructors: Steven Lamar and Candice Reddick) 2pm-6pm: Hip-Hop Choreography Workshop  (Choreograpgers: Steven Lamar, Jerod Fewell, Tarayjah Hoey, Addy Nicholle) Taught by Steven Lamar and various local choreographers. All dance skill levels welcomed.  Be prepared to sweat! Bring water, towels, and workout attire. ORANGE!!!!!!!!! ORANGE!!!!! ORANGE!!!!!!

at Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy
8431 Old Statesville Rd #6
Charlotte, United States



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