1. Atlantic Roy Atlantic Roy

    Just watched this video the other day and I thought it might be worth pointing out that they also tell you there's no test for herpes where I live (UK). I doubt it is a matter of the society being honour/shame based, cause it certainly ain't here. I suspect the health authorities don't see it as that big of a deal in terms of the actual impact of the disease compared to the amount of money it would cost or the emotional impact it would have on people. I agree with you however. I think its pretty dishonest and it upsets me.

  2. Mike Hunt Mike Hunt

    Inflammation of the foreskin
    Reminds me of your smile
    I've had balanital chancroids
    For quite a little while
    I gave my heart to nsu
    That lovely night in June
    I ache for you my darling
    And I hope you get well soon.

    My penile warts, your herpes,
    My syphilitic sore,
    Your monilial infection
    How I miss you more and more
    You dobie's itch, my scrumpox
    Our lovely gonorrhea
    At least we both were lying
    When we said that we were clear

    Our syphilitic kisses
    Sealed the secret of our tryst
    You gave me scrotal pustules
    With a quick flick of your wrist
    Your trichovaginitis
    Sent shivers down my spine
    I got snail tracks in my anus
    When your spirochetes met mine.

    Gonococcal urethritis, streptococcal balanitis,
    Meningomyelitis, diplococcal cephalitis,
    Epididymitis, interstitial keratitis,
    Syphilitic choroiditis, and anterior you-ve-i-tis.

    My clapped-out genitalia
    Is not so bad for me
    As the complete and utter failure
    Every time I try to pee.
    My doctor says my buboes
    Are the worst he's ever seen
    My scrotum's painted orange
    And my balls are turning green.

    My heart is very tender
    Though my parts are awful raw
    You might have been infected
    But you never were a bore
    I'm dying from your love, my love
    I'm your spirochaetal clown
    I've left my body to science
    But I'm afraid they've turned it down.

    Gonococcal urethritis, streptococcal balanitis,
    Meningomyelitis, diplococcal cephalitis,
    Epididymitis, interstitial keratitis,
    Syphilitic choroiditis, and anterior you-ve-i-tis.

  3. Mike Hunt Mike Hunt

    Spray Hard, Spray Deep, Spray Inside, Spray Troopin !!!!!

  4. lionstanding lionstanding

    Ah haven't watched the video yet….prediction: Chlamydia.
    Later: well, he didn't mention it…but listen to this- STAY AWAY FROM ROPPONGI(2004 figure- 1 in 10 high schooll students are carriers).
    Y'know the sad thing is, we benefit from the "culture that is polarized(?) in politeness and propriety"…the culture that refuses to acknowledge the Uncomfortable…turns a blind eye to the glaring problems…well, if they weren't conditioned in such a manner, gaijin sure as hell wouldn't be living in Japan in the numbers that they are!

  5. HappyasLarry HappyasLarry

    Just for peoples understanding, 1 in six americans have HSV-2 [1] which Dave is talking about. When you also include oral herpes (HSV-1) that percentage rises to 90% [2]. It is not dangerous. It can be inconvenient, but only for a week or so at a time and, unless you have a immunity problem, you should not have to experience many outbreaks. Hope this helps.

    [1] United States. CDC. Genital Herpes – CDC Fact Sheet (Basic). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 14 Oct. 2015. Web.

    [2] Anna Wald and Lawrence Corey. Human Herpesviruses: Biology, Therapy, and Immunoprophylaxis. 2007.

  6. jonathan lutu jonathan lutu


  7. mattnnz mattnnz

    Strictly speaking from a logical perspective, it isn't a serious disease. Westerners only freak out about it because it "unclean" because it is related to sex. I could understand them having a devil may care attitude regarding it. It would be like freaking out about cold sores. Related disease, non-sexual origin. You don't get people asking if they got tested for cold sores before sharing a drink.

  8. sacopenapa sacopenapa

    Well done for making this video!!!! It is so important do speak up about STDs! Always play safe!!!

  9. Vincen Jones Vincen Jones

    I agree with the doctor. You over reacted. your a friggin guest in another country/culture.

  10. Matt Matt Matt Matt

    Japan is in denial about STD/HIV. You ask for a test and they are why would you? So much unprotected sex in this country as Japanese don't get it but gaijin-san does…Fkked up place.


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