1. Vera Bondaruk Vera Bondaruk


  2. Peter Lustig Peter Lustig

    hes fit he eats clean.. first thing he says.. im a pussy and got a cold on the first chance.. pretty healthy guy i guess..

  3. Healthy By Knowledge Healthy By Knowledge

    This fella may have some good information but he seems to be backing all information that backs his theories… So all his info is backing his agenda. Not too sure how much of the nutritional content I would follow of his. I would cross reference everything to be sure… i.e Red meat isn't bad for you, eat as much of it as you want and there is no difference between organic and not organic (and he may have also said GMOs were fine as well…). Interesting point of view though

  4. Steven Meyer Steven Meyer

    Nice talk. Thanks a lot.

  5. saurabh saurabh

    carb is a carb??? complex carb and carb are different.. white rice is carb but is pure starch.. brown rice is complex carb & protein and fibre.. it's anytime better to have then white rice..

  6. saurabh saurabh

    only reason to go vegan is for Animals.. I see so many Westerners going for it thinking it will lean them down or make them healthier.. there is nothing like that.. too much of everything is bad weather meat or dairy.. key is to manage calorie intake from whole healthy foods. I am a vegeterian though.

  7. saurabh saurabh

    wow… folks at Google also don't know so much of basic stuff

  8. TimeForChange TimeForChange

    There's an idea i like and i'm not sure or aware if all the technicals are worked out.. .. but the idea is real time monitoring of your body. So basically in general you can get readings of your body on your phone. blood readings, calories /nutrient levels /diet/ heart…so on and so on..biological readings. An alert would pop up saying you're deficient in " something" …suggests to you a solution. List of foods, vitamins . exercises…whatever. As well as tell you to not intake something.

  9. Desmond Vrede Desmond Vrede

    Does that make sense? Yes it does! 🙂

  10. Oscar Solorzano Oscar Solorzano

    Is he an RD? No… then stop listening. Why should they allow him to give a lecture if he's not versed in nutrition?

  11. 6Diego1Diego9 6Diego1Diego9

    fuck this guy


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