1. JF Kennedy JF Kennedy

    It is a Karma, bitch. No Empathy! Creating ISIS & have them kill half-Million of Innocent people is unforgivable to God, too.

  2. Dust Bowl Ditties Dust Bowl Ditties

    The Government is not a charity, and nowhere in the constitution does it state that you have the right to unlimited and free healthcare. If you want good healthcare coverage, then get a college education and/or a good job with benefits. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country as JFK said. Another words, quit whining and try to be a productive member of society and give something back to your country for all the benefits you enjoy from being a citizen (freedom of speech, right to bear arms etc…) Some of you think this is some sort of Socialist state, got news for you, it's not! The Government would collapse if it had to pay for everyone's healthcare. What next, you want the government to buy you a new car every year?

  3. Dust Bowl Ditties Dust Bowl Ditties

    All of you who poke fun of and or try and diminish the fact that a truly great man and American hero is suffering through a tragic time in his life, you people are truly disgusting and do not even qualify as human beings. Get well soon Sen McCain! God bless you and thank you for your service to our country.

  4. Shawn Redfield Shawn Redfield


  5. Fiery One Fiery One

    How magnificently the great equalizer expands hypocisy for many:) Just be honest..the broader political league of leeches on humaity has no real concerns for people ..not just in USA..but worldwide.

  6. Angel Hernandez Angel Hernandez

    Pro life?? More like pro birth. Pro life is more than just giving birth.

  7. Daniel Galun Daniel Galun

    That's what we get for not replacing 9000 year old zombies. These people can't make it to the bathroom in time, but politics they're apparently capable of handling, what a joke.

  8. Son Of Abam Son Of Abam

    This liberal hippie John McCain is a low-life scumbag.

  9. Joe Shmoe Joe Shmoe

    The American diet:
    Eat shit, die.

  10. charliephxaz charliephxaz

    I am a resident of Arizona and John McCain, despite the fact I've never voted for him, is my senator. Lately I've felt he has been a voice of reason in this cacophony of discourse over the healthcare bill. I respect him and wish him nothing but the best for his recovery despite the fact that I've personally been involved with sit-ins at his Phoenix offices on policy decisions. He IS an American hero despite what our president has said about him which was abominable.

  11. Al Bundy Al Bundy

    Welp. Better start cooking crystal.

  12. Omid Saranj Omid Saranj

    Every single politician who speaks against government paid for healthcare, must give up theirs.

  13. Terminal Cancer Terminal Cancer

    I'm sure Trumpo is happy now.

  14. tim k tim k

    Change the title. This is not the calm reasonable David Pakman. It's more like one of the hatriot mails. McCain sees past some of his parties ideology and at least represents some of the integrity the republican brand still gets away with highway murder under. This cancer doesn't care how much money you have, I have lost family members with this and I'm sure they had top coverage. This is a stroke of luck for Trump – if the Russia story has legs there will be one less person with conviction to say "you're fired" to him. One of the more vocal critics of Putin and his corrupt empire.


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