Journey to the Sexual Self -Women ~Level 1 & 2 Melbourne

Journey to the Sexual Self -Women ~Level 1 & 2 Melbourne
Event on 2017-07-22 08:00:00
We are so excited for our sixth sexualtiy workshop for the year!! ♥ The last ones have been so yummy with such beautiful, open and honest sharing, clearing and healing for us all.♥The upcoming workshop will of course be surrounding both the feminine and the masculine, our sexual and genital sense of self, as well as our potential as beings of pleasure including skills to utilise to enhance your connection and undertsanding.If you would like to be able to connect with your sexual sense of self with a deeper understanding, as well as a deeper understanding of your anatomy, your loved ones, and sexuality in general, and to feel empowerment through this understading, this workshop is for you!The day will consist of: Ancient and modern teachings on anatomy Teachings on orgasm Teachings on how to give a yoni, beast, lingam and prostate massage Teachings on the yoni egg A womb clearing meditation and medicine drum sound jounrey to heal the relationship between the feminine and masculine  A sound journey to heal the relationship with the masculine Breathwork exercises Other not too intimate intimacy exercisesa short film on the female anatomy Art and craft on our beautiful tupulis and on tipilis ...and some yummy vegan chocolate and herb teaWhat to bring- An open mind and heartA pillow and yoga matEnough water for the day A dressing gownEarly bird 0Full price: 0 Anyone that has already been to either level 1 or 2 and would lijke to the the next level are welcome to come for half the price.

at Melbourne
136 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne, Australia



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