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    • avatar Isabelle Lamont 2

      I will get better soon and it is really embarrassing

      • avatar Nice Day 1

        Listen people "Physical Therapy" is just a few years old. Our older generations did not care about it. I have been dealing with "Spondylosis" for 40 years now and every now and then it was bothering me. 3 years ago somehow I felt the pain every day. So I went for physical therapy but the pain Did Not go away and sometimes it was getting much worst while I was in those treatments. For almost 3 years I had the pain and then to my surprise it was gone . . ! I did not do any exercises and did not pick up any heavy items for 2 years and I stopped going to those places and did not do anything about it. Then the pain was gone . . .!
        Then I found out that so called "Physical Therapy" is some sort of scheme. See these people know how to touch and pull your nerves and muscles in order to harm you so you would go back to them again and again. . .
        Then just last month somehow I found out that I have a disk on my neck because I just changed my pillow to a firm one, oh man after a week I felt so much pain that I have never experienced in my whole life. For a week I could not sleep and I could only sleep on my back which I have never done that before with so many sleeping peels and pain killers. I was crying for a week, but I did not go to any doctor nor a therapist. I lost 10 pounds I was only 155 lb. I changed my pillow right away. Anyhow for about a week I suffered severely and 2 more weeks of pain then the pain was gone, so I could sleep on my sides, with no sleeping peels and no pain killers, no pain on my arm, nor on my muscles, shoulder, and no numbness on my fingers.
        The point is that the Almighty created our body that will repair itself. Our broken bones, like a broken rock, they will repair and heal itself. . . I am saying my Spondylosis is there and that disk on my neck is there as well, do to old ages and wear and tear, but those cells around it repairs and get rid of your pains. When you go to your therapist just ask them, if I do not do anything does my pain goes away after 2 or 3 months and they will tell you YES! . . . That was why our older generations were NOT fooled like we have been for these past some years because they were closer to our Creator than our Godless nation. Do not waste your time and money do not let them rape your hearts and souls and just be patient.

        • avatar Fluffkin 42 1

          Just a Question, Does getting braces hurt?

          • avatar Mele 1

            Katie is very nice

            • avatar ALEXIA SHANKEL 1

              I had to do that to I shattered my ankle

              • avatar NeonGirl 1313 1

                Someone spread happiness to me after telling a guy i like that i like him when he said he didn't like me back

                • avatar Crafty Char123 1

                  Hope you fell better Katie

                  • avatar brielle7193 1

                    my birthday is 29th and l going to be 12year old brielle Lumae peterson

                    • avatar Avery Weeks 2

                      This is Katie🐷
                      one like=one prayer
                      one comment=a supporter
                      subscribe fixed injury and no more injurys.

                      • avatar Olivia Bauer 1

                        Melody my friend, made me happy today because she invited me to hang out either her!

                        • avatar sasa7182 1

                          Why does Katie not go to school with Brenan or Ryan?