1. 李非 李非

    Seriously, it's physically demanding. I only do half all the workout each time, I very much like this video and admire Daniel's zest. , though.

  2. Sally Obonyo Sally Obonyo

    Truly, exercise is a universal language.I don't understand a word of German but I've done the whole workout and loved it! Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya.

  3. Chante Lee Chante Lee

    Ok did u get email address? I really want to buy this program

  4. Chantal Georgeous Chantal Georgeous

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god!!!!!you área very handsome!!!!!ufffffffffffffffffffff

  5. Chante Lee Chante Lee

    Is these going to be the same videos I saw on you tube?

  6. Chante Lee Chante Lee

    Thank you that will be great 🙂 email is peaches6760@yahoo.com

  7. Chante Lee Chante Lee

    Ok. Can you tell me with option I can go to order the videos?

  8. Chante Lee Chante Lee

    How can I order the workout videos in English

  9. Chante Lee Chante Lee

    Ok. Thank you so much 🙂 I been doing billy blanks taebo for years I been seeing results but not much like when I was in my 20's pounds was shedding quicker now I'm 39 years old mother of two kids after my last child it seems like I'm having a hard time getting the weight off quickly don't get me wrong taebo is excellent workout it seems I'm not getting the pounds faster so wanted to try your videos:-)

  10. Chante Lee Chante Lee

    Where can I buy this video at? It look very effective and I love moves in the workout

  11. bertha luz Alvarado bertha luz Alvarado

    Thanks for the class, because I could not go ti the gym, I do Fit boxing,

  12. bertha luz Alvarado bertha luz Alvarado

    Grusse sus Perú, sehr interesant,

  13. P. K. P. K.

    Tolles Workout!

  14. Silvia Dekovic Silvia Dekovic

    Danke,sehr gut 🙂 !!!

  15. punchanit siripongvirush punchanit siripongvirush

    Today is my first time to try this. You make me know how to kick correctly although I don't understand what you say haha. Thanks so much Dr. for very nice work out. Vielen dank! 🙂

  16. ibtissam bhf ibtissam bhf

    i like it 😘😘😘😘

  17. Conocimiento Osmotico Conocimiento Osmotico

    Greetings form Mexico 🙂


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