Kids Exercise Builds Confidence

Parents know that exercise is good for their kids’ health. But they many not know that exercise not only benefits them physically, but also boosts their self confidence. With many studies, researchers have found a symbiotic relationship between self confidence and exercise.

Those kids who are active are more likely to feel good about their physical capabilities. Kids face a lot of peer pressure and ridicule from other children so confidence in their bodies is important. If a child is overweight he’s likely to feel inadequate, and this can affect his confidence and efficacy levels. Even if he is overweight, uncoordinated or unpopular, exercise still proves valuable to their self esteem.

Oftentimes, self-esteem doesn’t have anything to do with weight. A Koniak-Griffin study from 1994 observed pregnant adolescent girls to see how they responded to aerobic exercise. The research concluded that “an aerobic exercise program reduced depressive symptoms as well as improved feelings of self-concept.”

There’s something that happens to the body when it exercises. Endorphins are released by the brain into the body, creating a happy and euphoric feeling. Exercise also can prevent physical and psychological illnesses in kids. And, of course, those involved in group activities feel more like they belong than those who don’t. As you can see, children benefit from exercise in many ways.

There’s a cycle in the benefits from exercise. It raises levels of confidence, therefore making kids eager to continue exercising on a regular basis. Willingness to use their skills increases and their confidence in those skills increases. On the contrary, kids with low self esteem avoid exercise and are more likely to abuse food.

Exercise, or the lack thereof, can affect your child either positively or negatively. If you see your child having low self-confidence, encourage them to be more active. You may have to take the initiative and get them to be active with you. Then once they gain a little confidence they’ll have more courage to be active with other kids. You know kids exercise is important so make it a priority.

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