Kimberley Dahme formerly of BOSTON

Kimberley Dahme formerly of BOSTON
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Kimberley Dahme became the first female member of arena rock band BOSTON in 2002, playing bass with them at the Fiesta Bowl in front of 74,000 people and millions of viewers live on Television. In a nod to her songwriting skills, Kimberleys song "With You" was included on BOSTON's Corporate America CD, and she is featured on BOSTONs latest album Life, Love and Hope, taking lead vocals on "If You Were in Love" and You Gave Up On Love, along with sharing lead vocals with the late Brad Delp on Sail Away." She is currently working on her third solo album, a mix of classic rock/blues and contemporary country. She writes about true life stories and, while she can "rock" with the best of them, she is not afraid to show her vulnerable side with her tender, heartfelt ballads. Born and raised in California, Kimberley has been playing, performing, and writing music since she was a little girl. By the time she was 19, she was singing and writing radio jingles for the likes of Toyota, Wrangler Jeans, and Pontiac. Kimberley studied Music and Radio/TV announcing while attending college on music and sports scholarships (in fact, the 6-foot Kimberley still holds her high school's basketball rebound record!). In 1997, Kimberley moved to Nashville where she competed and was chosen for the Nashville New Faces World tour and embarked on another European tour. Upon returning from Europe, Kimberley met Grammy nominated producer Tom Hambridge. The stars aligned for Kimberley in 2001 while performing with Tom Hambridge's band. Tom Scholz, the genius guitarist, songwriter and producer of the band BOSTON, came to a club performance to check out Hambridges Balderdash tour. BOSTON ~ Tom Scholz was impressed by Kimberley's singing and guitar playing and asked her if she played bass. Primarily a guitarist, she instantly recognized a golden opportunity and told Scholz, "I can learn!" She bought a bass, started woodsheding and got an audition. A couple of months later she found herself on stage along side Brad Delp, Gary Pihl, Tom Scholz, Fran Cosmo, Anthony Cosmo all of BOSTON performing at the Fiesta Bowl. Jan 1st, 2002 was Kimberleys debut playing bass and becoming the first female member of the Mega Rock band BOSTON in front of 74,000 people and millions of viewers on live television. Kimberley generously offers her time and musical energy to a variety of charitable causes. Many of her past performances have directly benefited children with cancer, autism, abused children, and inner city schools. She has also worked with charities such as Make-A-Wish, Wounded Warriors, MusiCares, along with many others.

147 Bleecker Street
New York, United States

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