Knees of the past

Knees of the past
Back Pain
The average state of junior school boy's knee up to the 1970s was a mixture of healed scars, part scabs and freshly grazed skin.
With many of us wearing shorts at school, our knees were the first point of contact when we fell down, at the time there was little thought to child friendly surfaces for play areas, a mixture of concrete, tarmac in various levels of decay or just gravel was fine for us.

Schools just carried a good supply of sticking plasters in a brownish pink shade, later on flesh coloured plasters came along, but they were not designed for the "minority" pupils.
At my primary school, having used up my quota of sticking plasters or they did not have any that were large enough for my cuts, they resorted to a wad of cotton wool and clear office tape to keep it in place.
Note to teachers:
Should corporal punishment and short trousers ever return to infant & primary school.
If they are in wellingtons, and you are not able to hit their lower leg, a good place to hit a child with the ruler or the cane is on the area of leg just above the back of the knee.
They will really feel the pain.
Note to boys:
If they make you were shorts, choose the ones that come down to your knees.



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