Learn Chakra Meditation – Getting Started

It takes longer to perform charka meditation in comparison to perform other meditation methods. There are a total of 7 chakras and it may take up to 2 hours for a total workout. Let us first understand the seven chakras in our body, their locations and colors for complete understanding.

For your stability, balance and safety is the root chakra which positioned at the base of the spine. Located at the lower abdomen is the sacral chakra which is located for enthusiasm, sexuality and psychic abilities and abilities for higher consciousness. This chakra is of orange color. For our will power and impulse actions is the solar plexus chakra which is positioned just under the chest. Color of this chakra is yellow.

Heart is the center for unconditional love and compassion and is situated in the chest. Color of heart chakra is green. Throat is the place where the ability to express ourselves verbally and our communication abilities are situated. It is situated below the head on the throat and the color of this chakra is sky blue. Third Eye has the ability to see beyond the physical world and is our window to the spiritual world. It is located on the forehead and the color of this chakra is indigo. Crown is the straight channel to higher consciousness, is located on top of the head and the color of this chakra is violet.

There are two approaches that can be followed fro chakra meditation. Balancing of the body with chakra spots can be done or the colors can be seen as linked with chakra spots. Start the chakra meditation by thinking of a red ball expanding in size as well as strength when you breathe in and out.

For chakra meditation two types of approaches can be followed. Either you can see the colors linked with chakra spots or imagine your energy being balanced in the chakra spots in your body. Chakra meditation can be started by imagining a red ball expanding in strength and size when you breathe in and out.

When you are focusing on the color of the chakra, your rate of coming out of it must be slowed down, with the brightness of the color remaining unaffected. Once chakra meditation is done you must permit your body to come to this conscious world gradually.

Chakra meditation supports you to learn to open your closed chakras and to embrace the world and feel safe. All the seven chakras are associated with different skills and personality and so if anyone is closed, chakras will get imbalanced and disharmony will prevail. Chakra meditation helps you to regain your peace of mind and confidence.

Focus should be on the colors of the chakra when you practice chakra meditation. You will for sure regain your confidence as well as your peace of mind. Chakra meditation will help you open your closed chakras and do this meditation in an environment which is calm and serene.

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