Learn How To Meditate – Steps In Starting Your Meditation Session

Meditation is a powerful tool to help us manage the many stress in life that is causing us health problems, anger, irritability, bad attitude. Too much stress also deprives us of being happy and it makes us looked tired everyday. To bring back the good energy in your life, maybe all you need is to learn how to meditate.

Managing stress in life may be as simple as grabbing a mat, finding a quiet place and meditating. You do not need to travel far, nor get an expensive vacation package. If you learn how to meditate, you will not only appreciate how it recharges your energy to tackle the tasks you have in life, but it will help you improve your concentration, your creativity and attain a calm and peaceful mind.

Here are the basic steps in starting with meditation.

- Preparation

Find a quiet place to do your meditation. Make sure the place has no possible distractions such as the temperature inside the room or mobile phones that might ring while you are on meditation. Position yourself in a sitting position that is comfortable. Make sure your back is straight and relaxed. You can also sit on cushions to help you feel comfortable. Also make sure that you are wearing something that is comfortable and not too tight that it might distract your breathing or the session.

Relax your shoulders as well and put your hands on your lap. If crossing your legs is not a very comfortable position for you, you can also sit on a chair but do not let your back reach the back of the chair to help you keep it straight.

- Motivation

Know your motivation. Understand why you want to meditate - if you want to learn how to meditate, you must have a motivation in mind - whether you want to relax or set free of negative emotions, overcome anger or you want to clear your mind, be specific in your motivation. This will guide you in what you want to attain with your meditation.

- Meditation

You can then proceed to meditation closing your eyes, relaxing your mind but staying awake. You can actually choose from two types of meditation. If you intend to clear and calm the mind, you can do the breathing meditation where you can focus your mind on your breathing. You can also do the contemplative or the analytical meditation where you focus on a certain thought in the form of words. For example, if you focus on happiness, you think about the word over and over and then bring into focus some images that may give meaning to the word - like a happy family, or a baby in your hand. Distractive thoughts may come into mind but do not pay attention to them. Bring back the focus of your thoughts to 'happiness' or the thought you intend to think.

- Dedication

After your meditation session, take time to think about your motivation you just have thought about at the start of the session. Dedicate your energy to your motivation so that results will come.

If you learn how to meditate, you will also learn to bring the positive energy into your daily activities. It is also good to practice meditation regularly to be able to get results.

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