Learning the Emotional Freedom Technique

If you want to eliminate stress and worry from your life, then the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT could help you achieve your goal. EFT is a healing method that promotes harmony between your body and your environment. It works by stimulating your body’s pressure points.

The Emotional Freedom Technique was developed in Asia that concerns itself with the release of the life force or energy flow known as ‘Chi” that has become blocked. This unblocking is done by tapping or stimulating the various pressure points.

A known traditional method that remains popular in Asia and is practiced widely today is acupuncture. With the use of needles, the body’s pressure points are pierced to stimulate the release of the energy flow hence releasing blockages of the energy flow or ‘Chi.’

A lot of people looking to eliminate anxiety and stress from their lives are turning to the Emotional Freedom Technique today as tapping does not involve needles. A practitioner simply does his EFT exercises and he gets to release or unblock his ‘Chi’.

EFT exercises relax the body by releasing negative energies. It is the negative energies that that cause ‘Chi’ imbalance by blocking it. It is also recommended that a practitioner lets go of anything in his or her mind that could cause stress while doing the exercises to ensure the release of the negative energies.

It is understandable for you to wonder whether EFT works or not as it is not as wide spread as other techniques. However, seeing a healing session, especially when it is coupled with meditative relaxation techniques could interest you in it.

Practitioners of the Emotional Freedom Technique say that it is an effective healing technique that eliminates anxiety, stress and worry from their lives. However, modern science does not yet support its methodology, notwithstanding the fact that it has been in existence since ancient times.

If you have been curious to learn about EFT, the e-book Adventures in EFT by Dr. Sylvia Hartmann might be a good read. Adventures in EFT could help you learn the Emotional Freedom Technique so you can feel good and eliminate worry and anxiety from your life through tapping.

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