“Lessons Mama Never Taught Me” | What Every Woman Should Know

"Lessons Mama Never Taught Me" | What Every Woman Should Know
Event on 2017-07-22 13:00:00
Book Signing Event for Women, Men & Children Author, Dr. Karen R. January will present "Lessons Mama Never Taught Me" at Barnes & Noble Westheimer on: Saturday, July 22, 2017 from 1pm to 3pm  www.drkayjay.comSold at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.“Lessons Mama Never Taught Me,” is unlike any other book that addresses women’s issues. It follows the dramatic real - life stories of ten women who fell to the depths of hell because of specific lessons they felt their mother never taught them. The book focuses on how the lack of communication from their mothers affected their lives. You will find out what these lessons are and how they survived these challenges and the steps the women took toward healing.  The women featured in the book speak candidly about their personal experiences with extramarital affairs, abortion, internet dating, domestic and sexual abuse, chemical dependency, mental illness, rape, gender identity, teen pregnancy and other topics that have been minimally addressed, considered taboo or not addressed at all. 

at Barnes and Noble
7626 Westheimer Rd Houston
Houston, United States



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