Lift up your heads, O gates, And be lifted up, O ancient doors, That the King of glory may come in!

Lift up your heads, O gates, And be lifted up, O ancient doors, That the King of glory may come in!
Eyes Vision
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This is a verse from the Bible I discovered a while ago and I always wanted to use it for a photo of mine. I think it is obviously why I choose the title for this shot. There is the “Brandenburger Tor”, the most known gate of Germany and there is the Quadriga which looks as if they want to enter the gate in all their Glory. To emphasize the effect of entering something with glory and speed I used the Radial Blur Filter in Photoshop.
It wasn’t easy to not destroy the image with it but I think the effect turned out pretty well.
As I look at the image my eyes get really dizzy! What do you think? Is the image Top or Flop?

Also I decided to talk a bit on statistics on this image.
Lately a lot of my contact hit the 100.000 views mark. I am really proud of you. The reason why I want to share statistics with you is not that you think “how cool is he” or “man what an ass”.

The reason is motivation.

I want to motivate you to set a goal for 2012 and pursue it. I hit the 100.000 views exactly two years ago. A month ago I hit the 1.000.000 views. It wouldn’t have been without you that I could have reached this. So of course I am really thankful for all of you supporting me and viewing my Images.

If you are good in mathematics you see that it took me nearly two years to reach 1.000.000 views.
As I sat down and started my Flickr vision for 2012 I thought what do I want to achieve this year. After thinking a while I thought to change the two years into one year and the 1.000.000 into 2.000.000.

This means I actually need 2.000.000 views this year which is approximately 5479 views each day :-).

I really don’t know how I should do this but at the end of the year I will let you know if I was able to achieve this.

Again I want to motivate you to set your goals for 2012. If you are like me making crazy plans which cannot be achieved without much luck please write your Flickr goals for 2012 into the comment section.

I am really interested to see what you are planning.

Please remember that we are not competitors but friends . If your goal is to reach one view each day let me know. I am really interested to see it!


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