Locate A Chiropractor In The 85226 Zip Code Helps Locals Get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief

When you repeat a movement with your hand and wrist over days and years, you have a greater chance of experiencing CTS. CTS, better known as carpal tunnel syndrome, and is a condition that causes pain or discomfort in the hands, wrist, and arm. Tingling, shooting pain, and muscle fatigue in these areas are likely symptoms. To help you reduce this discomfort, contact your Chandler chiropractor.

Tendons and the nerve that operate the hand and fingers run through a tunnel of eight bones of the wrist called carpals. When the tendons get irritated, it is common for inflammation to occur. When the tendons swell the space for the nerve is reduced. This restriction will cause the tingling, pain, and the feeling of loss of strength.

Wrist and elbow manipulation most likely will be performed. Additionally adjustment at the cervical spine vertebrae all can help provide improved nerve signals and blood flow. Another therapy used to produce a penetrating heat to a specific area is ultrasound. This uses sound waves to stimulate the tissue to improve the circulation and to induce the reduction of swelling.

Massage is another helpful therapy. This approach can alleviate some symptoms or reduce the probability of CTS occurrence. For example if you spend hours at a computer keyboard, or work with pneumatic hand tools you might want to have a regular massage to keep good blood flow and reduction in inflammation.

Bracing the wrist or wrists is a common way to help isolate the area to keep pressure off the nerve. Ice packs and self-massage may be recommended. Stretching from the neck to the fingers also can be used to increase relief.

Chiropractic, being a practice that focuses on whole body health, your Chandler chiropractor may discuss nutrition and supplements to help aid the healing process. If you are experiencing daily pain in your hands and arms, search for relief. With early and proper attention, the inflammation and discomfort can be addressed before serious complications occur. Search online for a doctor in your area.

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