Logic – Anziety (Official Audio)

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    • avatar TKO Man 0

      Don't look at a mirror and think about your self for too long it can also cause something similar to anxiety but it is called periphrial fading it makes you feel like you are dead or not real and it gets fuzzy in my vision

      • avatar PlinchyKimchi 1

        holy shit

        • avatar Haydosh & Dandy 1

          I Love this, really touching. Inspires me & the normalizing of this scary thing would be helping a lot of people.
          Its amazing how sharing experiences makes them feel less overwhelming.

          • avatar PØWER to the LØCAL DREAMER twenty one pilots 1

            I cant get over him. Hes just amazing no other rapper raos about things like this kike he does..😭

            • avatar Emilly Roziee 1

              I just want my anxiety to go away but I'm beginning to think thats not possible. Im on multiple medications but I feel like nothing really helps me anymore. I can't be me anymore and I'm terrified. I've been in and out of the ER since I was 16 and I feel like my anxiety and depression has completely taken over my life. I just want to feel like me again and be happy and comfortable in my own skin.

              • avatar Criselda Gutierrez 2

                I remember watching the intro videos to the album and Logic was orchestrating, and it's such a beautiful input. #rattpack Can't say enough.

                • avatar Criselda Gutierrez 0

                  Does anyone here the violins? Oh boi 👌

                  • avatar Sadie Green 2

                    I fucking love this song

                    • avatar Steve Morgan 1

                      I'm listening to this song at 6 am in the morning because I'm going to a new school and I also have anxiety

                      • avatar Jeremy Arrisola 1

                        This is the best song I have ever heard in my whole life thank you logic. Peace, love, and unity

                        • avatar Seven Mil 1

                          "I remember some how some way, I remember some how some waayyyy"

                          • avatar Taylor Diane 1

                            He is absolutely awesome for this and the other numerous songs he's made to help others. He takes his voice and talent to use for encouragement and belief. Love you Logic❤

                            • avatar FancyPikachu 1

                              For real the only rapper I have respect for

                              • avatar LEON 0

                                fuck xanax all i need for my anxiety is logic

                                • avatar Are you happy with the person You see in the mirror 0

                                  "Nobody wanna say I've been living with this everyday, nobody wanna say everything will be okay"

                                  • avatar AutumnOfficialBarrelRacing 1

                                    I literally had no idea that there was a name for what I went through. derealization… happened to me for the first time in 5th grade. most awful thing I've ever experienced

                                    • avatar Shanda Johnson 1

                                      I started having anxiety attacks this year when I turned 30 everyone around me says I'm ok but when I get that feeling I feel like I cant catch my breath

                                      • avatar Boi Box 1

                                        Yo this part 3:40

                                        • avatar Charlie Deyo 0

                                          This song helped my boyfriend through so much shit, every time hes in a rut he turns to this song and comes out so much stronger