Looking For Ways to Ease Pain Caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There are so many different carpal tunnel exercises out there today, you never know what ones work the best. The only way to figure out is to try each one yourself and then go from there. The wrist median nerve decompression is a little bit different. There have been many reports that it can give you instant relief for up to four hours.

You may experience different results depending on who you are, but give it a try; it just might help. If you find an exercise or two that works for you, they may make your problem small enough that you can live with it. To get to put where this is going to happen, though, let’s work on avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome entirely. Doing the median nerve decompression of the wrist is the way you begin.

What you do first

There are six different parts to this exercise, so first, make a fist and place your thumb over your fingers. Hold that position for at least five seconds. Once five seconds is up, open your hand up as widely as you can, extending your fingers as much as you can.

After another five seconds, you’ll have move into a backward flex. Keep your wrist straight and see how far you can bend your hand back towards your forearm. The first few times around you will feel a lot of tension in the middle of your hand, so you may want to cut this down to just 3 seconds. Once it feels more comfortable move up to the initial 5 seconds.


These three exercises will make you feel very good. The stretching may be difficult at first, but it will get easier as you go. With your thumb and index finger, make the shape of an “L.” Your other three fingers should be tucked in next to your index finger. Stretch your thumb as hard as you can without causing pain. Hold it, which will generally be about five seconds the first time. The longer you do it, the easier the next time will be.

With your wrist straight and your fingers and thumb in the aforementioned position, move your hand to the right to stretch in that direction. You want to try to stretch your hand so that it’s at a 90-degree angle to your wrist. Note that you’re not going to be able to do this, but that’s the direction you want the exercise to go in. After five seconds, move your hand in the other direction, again shooting for 90 degrees.

What you do last

In order to get the most out of these carpal tunnel exercises, give yourself a little push. If your turning your hand with the wrist straight, try pulling the thumb back a bit. It will give you plenty of extra pressure and increase the positive effects of your routine. At the end of the exercise and reps you do, a feeling of relief should start to set in. If it doesn’t, we always suggest meeting with your family physician to get the appropriate help you need.

No one wants to have to resort to surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. Let Tom Nicholson share his carpal tunnel exercises that are easy, effective and will help relieve the pain and suffering associated with CTS.

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