Lower Back Pain and Treatment

Aside from headaches, lower back pain is one of the most common problems we are experience. This maybe felt due to prolonged heavy activities, fatigue, muscle sprain, body organ damages such as kidney infections, ovarian disorder in women, appendicitis, and bladder dysfunction. Accidents can also cause back pain.

Back pain can be categorized into acute and chronic type. Acute back pain is the one wherein spasms last for only a few days while chronic cases last for over a long period. It is not a disease and there is available lower back pain treatment that you can have even at home.

One of the easiest remedy to ease pain is exercise. Breeze walking can help relieve the ache. This will also help strengthen your legs, hips and back - your main body support. Yoga, one form of exercise can help your bone become flexible and tough. This will relax and soothe backaches by slowly stretching your muscles. Breathing exercise and proper posture is additional back pain prevention.

Bed rest is also a part of lower back pain treatment. But doctors require a patient to take a couple of days to rest. Prolonged bed rest is not recommendable since this might only pamper the pain by making the muscle idle. So two to three days of rest is only advisable to loosen up your muscle.

Pain relievers are also out in the market. There are in tablet, liquid or gel forms, as well as herbal medicines that can be bought over-the-counter. Massage therapy can also be considered as lower back pain treatment. Applied force against a tender muscle can be soothing. This is commonly given to those who are having sprain and fatigue in replacement of a hot and cold compress.

Drinking milk and calcium supplements can also help you in building stronger bones, develop ligaments and can prevent some bone disorder that can cause back sore. In some cases, especially if the back sore is chronic, proper medications and counseling is advisable. A patient must seek doctor's attention to have a proper understanding on what causes the pain. Some doctors give prescriptions to patients. But they only give dosage after various tests to identify the proper lower back pain treatment a patient must have. Having an X-rays, some blood testing and bone scanning is being done to locate the root of the backache.

Some physicians use acupuncture to those undergoing physical therapy. This lower back pain treatment normalizes blood circulation, unblocks the pathways of oxygen in the blood vessels, and gives extra energy to the patient by relaxing the muscle. Steroids are also being given to some chronic back pain patient. Others give dosage of mineral intakes. Vitamin C, D, and magnesium supplements are some of these prescriptions to help ease the pain.

When a person doesn't respond to conservative medications, surgery is being done. Surgeons may add some materials in between the spinal cord to provide additional support for your back. In some occasion, doctors do spinal fusion. They enjoin two vertebrae to act as a solid bone. Spinal fusion minimizes the movement in between the backbones, thus helping lessen the pain. On the other hand, some doctors advise psychological therapy. Listening to music is one of the most effective and easiest ways of this therapy. By listening to a calmed music, your muscle also relaxes. Another way of psychological treatment is by changing environment. The crowd and the city give stress to a person. The more stress the person is, the more body ache he might suffer.

There are other forms of lower back pain treatments that you can apply depending on the level of pain you suffer. So you must take proper precautions before taking any medications to ensure it is the best remedy suited for you.

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