Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Lower back pain is a complaint that many women yell about in the initial stages of pregnancy. At this time, the abdomen expands and it pulls the lower back forward.

Hormones are responsible to relax muscles and joints in the entire body. This puts a lot of pressure on the back, causing pain. Reading further will give you some tips that can guide you to reduce your back pain in pregnancy.

Tips to get rid of lower back pain at the begining of pregnancy

* Right posture - The foremost thing that you should mind to get rid of your back pain is to uphold the right posture. You should always stand and sit straight with your shoulders held back. Make sure that you do not get stained by your abdomen pulling forward your lower back. If your work requires you to sit a lot, choose a chair that supports your back. Do not sit crosslegged and often take s small walk to stretch yourself.

* Body pillow - Remember not to lie on the back while sleeping; rather try to be on your sides. You can keep a body pillow for support under the abdomen and amongst your knees for complete support. This will reduce pressure from your back and keep the body in good posture or alignment.

* Diet - Eat healthy and nutritious food that's good both for you and your baby's health. Be cautious about gaining too much of weight, as it's harmful for both of you and will also put a strain on your back all the more. You can also try some exercises after consulting your physician.

* Shoes - Wear low-heeled footwear that is comfortable. High-heeled shoes increase the pressure on your back and also increase the possibility of falling.

* Massage - If you are not able to bear the pain, chiropractic care and massage are the options that you can try. Massaging with heated oils on the affected area can also beof great help. Don't take any of these treatments without consultation with your doctor. Acetaminophen can also be taken for pain relief at the time of pregnancy. Consuming NSAIDS like Advil, Motrin and many other types of ibuprofen is not secure at this time.

* Lift - Be careful not to lift anything by bending over your waist or heavy objects on your head. Try to keep your back as straight as possible. Make sure that your physician is aware of any type of back pains that you may be suffering from as it may also be an indication for premature labor that may require immediate attention. No doubt, pregnancy is accompanied with a lot of pains, but at last with a new born in your hand its worth it all.

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