1. Michelle Denise Michelle Denise

    Not a comment, I'm just putting this here for reference as I read this video. I got tired of pausing and going into my iBooks to see lab work. Remove if you want. Thank you.
    Large B cell lymphoma. Large atypical cells positive for cd20, pax5, significant patchy staining for bcl-6. The large cells are negative for ae1/ae3 cd3,c5,cd10, and cyclin d1. Small background lymphocytes show populations that are both cd20 and pax5 positive as well as a population that is cd3 cd5positive. Positive staining for bcl6 may indicate lymphoma of center cell origin.

  2. Dim Wit Dim Wit

    when you cut 80% in to two, it should be 50% still. I was waiting for the other 20%, expecting there was another variant of B Non-Hodgkins, yet still, very informative and helpful.

  3. WoW WoW

    8 years ago a doc said I could have Lymphoma. I'm still alive.. soo.. no right? I've been to the ER twice in those 8 years and it was kidney stones, no general doctor due to insurance. I donate plasma regularly, does this hurt me?

  4. Chandan Kumar Chandan Kumar

    Very nice, useful video! Just noted one mistake at ~16:32. c-MYC is not a tyrosine kinase. Its a DNA binding transcription factor.

  5. sunset sunset

    Bob Ross brought me here.

  6. Richard Castle Richard Castle

    So how are you supposed to work out the actual cell deformities (cleaved, chronic or acute, follicles or diffuse) from the actual names of the cancer?
    E.g- Small Lymphositic Lymphoma.
    *(As far as I can tell, its small=so acute cells, (but apparently it looks like CLL, a large matured cell-why?). And they are B-cells, but the name only mentions that its in the Lymphoid lineage so how can you tell they are B???)
    E.g- Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (I get they are blast cells (immature, acute)..where does the name indicate a Tcell??)

    Am I to understand that the names hardly give you an incite to the cell deformities ?

  7. Dan Roper Dan Roper

    Follicular lymphoma- TX: low dose chemo or rituximab-anti-cd20 ab

  8. A A A A

    When you give plasma, do they take your white blood cells and give you back your red blood cells? I ask this because I have read that NHL increases when people give their plasma overtime.

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  10. Mary Grace Ababa Mary Grace Ababa

    thank you so much
    it really helps me a lot

  11. احمد العمري احمد العمري

    Amazing doctor .. Thank you very much!!

  12. SloppyEngineer SloppyEngineer

    I hope Gavi is okay

  13. Mohanned Alnammi Mohanned Alnammi

    Dude i love your channel.Every time im stuck  in first aid I always wind up at your videos.


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