MadLab auditions for Counter/Top by Kirin McCrory

MadLab auditions for Counter/Top by Kirin McCrory
Event on 2017-06-04 12:00:00

MadLab will be holding auditions for Counter/Top by Kirin McCrory. MadLab is seeking actors for 3 male and 3 female roles.

Auditions will be cuttings from the script (so no need to prepare a monologue!) and will take place on Sunday June 4th, 2017 at MadLab from 12pm to 3pm (227 North 3rd Street). If you have any questions or would like to request a script, please contact Director Megan Mateer at

Performance dates are August 10-12, 18-19, and 25-26. Actors are paid a stipend.


"Tea Time!" is a greasy spoon run by foul-mouthed matriarch Miss Betty and frequented by regulars like the kindhearted but totally incoherent Brooks. Two pressed and prim professors, Khent and Izzie, stop in for lunch-but they get more than a bad case of heartburn thanks to Liza and Gunner, a pair of young troublemakers. Part raucous societal commentary, part sinister cat-and-mouse tale, Counter/Top forces us to consider what our own upbringings say about us, and to what lengths we'll go to hide them.


MISS BETTY F, mid-fifties. Queen of the establishment and takes shit from no one.

BROOKS M, seventies. Ancient, incomprehensible, gruff regular, but polite and kind. A person from a far-gone time period.

GUNNER M, twenties. Young, raw, simple, straightforward, on the denser side, quick to fly off the handle at a slight misunderstanding (and they happen often).

IZZIE F, mid-thirties. Good-natured, intelligent, proper, kind. She's led a very sheltered life but she tries to make the best of every situation.

LIZA F, twenties. Young, beautiful but caked in make-up and bad manners. Smart, sharp, manipulative. Underneath all that mortar, there's a very sensitive, battered girl.

KHENT M, late thirties. Smart, put-together, mannered, but there seems to be a darkness at the corners, something suppressed. Maybe he fought very hard to become the person he is today; maybe he's just pretty good at it.

at MadLab
227 N. 3rd Street
Columbus, United States

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