Madrid River Park

Madrid River Park
Eyes Vision
A person asked me a very simple question. It was, "Grant, why do you take pictures." I responded, that I do so because a picture is "worth a thousand words." Very simplistic answer if there ever was one. However, I responded so because, I would be hard pressed to give a concise answer. Although simplistic, is also a very accurate reply. I take photos, because I enjoy history, and the image encapsulates the word in a way that it may be digested by the viewer and interpreted on many levels. In other words, What YOU see is what YOU get. Photography for me is like graffitti, only in the opposite sense of the activity. The first forms of graffitti were the stained hand prints and cave paintings of ancient man, it was their way of saying " I was here." With photography I am expressing what place was within me at that moment, what left an impression on me. It is that sentiment which I take back, and share with you in the hope that you too will be left with the indelible emotion, however you may interpret it. There is so much more than meets the eye. Today, I am strolling the Manzanares River park in Madrid, As I sit here underneath these trees watching others enjoy this day, I think of the words of Alexander Dumas who laughed at the citizens of Madrid because according to him, they had no real river to enjoy, to give life to their everyday affairs, like the river Seine provided the Parisians. He was wrong. I wish that I could conjure him up and debate with him this very fact. But, I can't so I am expressing it to you, whomever may be reading this boring trifle of information. Madrid's founder was the Emir Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Rahman. When he and the MOORS arrived in 711 the city's name was Matrice. (Matrix- womb...that which gives life) or "the mother of waters" There during the reconquest a fortress was built on one of the opposing hills that are to be found on each side of the river Manzanares by Muhammad I. It's name was ALCAZAR and later would become the royal palace. This gully where I rest now ( while listening to Jimmi Hendrix' "all around the watchtower) would also be called la calle de Segovia.
The city's name changes with the presence of these dark invaders, the Madrid as we know it today, was given the Arabic name Mayrit derived from the Arabic term Mayra (mother, matrix) and given Ibero-Romano suffix "it" equivalent to place. Mr. Dumas, I wish you were here, together we'd watch these people, most oblivious to these facts enjoying their daily affairs. I've saved a small bottle however, and written this note and stuffed it inside. I toss this into the river in the hopes that someone will one day find this message in a bottle. Thought travels unheeded through space and time...
-Journal entry 10-21-13 *Madrid



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