Mail Box and Maple Tree – Ant’s Eye View

Mail Box and Maple Tree – Ant’s Eye View
Eyes Vision
This is a view of my mailbox from an ant’s perspective. Ants have compound eyes. This enables them to enjoy a nearly infinite depth of field. They can see almost all the way around them and everything, both near and far is always in focus at the same time. Insects and notably the dragonfly’s eyes are made of tens of thousands of individual segments. They have far superior vision than humans.

The mailbox is about 3 feet high. The silver leaf maple tree behind it is over 40 feet tall. The wide angle lens produces barrel distortion much like a fisheye lens. I could have easily minimized the distortion in Adobe After Effects with a few clicks, but I left it as is because it probably is closer to what an ant might experience. Cameras have been available for years that see the world as ants do. One device has 180 individual lenses to accomplish the effect.

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