Make Me One With Everything: Seeing Through The Illusion of Separation – Lama Surya Das

Make Me One With Everything: Seeing Through The Illusion of Separation – Lama Surya Das
Event on 2017-09-24 09:30:00
In these disconnected, plugged-in yet tuned-out times, this unity-yoga of converge-itation, inter-meditative interbeing– which Lama Surya Das calls co-meditation, or inter-meditation—The We Meditation, or We-ditation (not Me-ditation) is a simple joyful path to see thru the illusion of separation and experience meaningful connectedness and the renowned one-taste of tantric Mahamudra and Dzogchen, the Natural Great Perfection. Lama Surya will lead us in practical inter-meditations and tantric exercises, opening portals to oneness in nature, with others, with our higher deepest power, and beyond notions such as distraction and concentration or the conceptual separation between the sacred and the mundane. This event is appropriate for those new to spiritual exploration as well as seasoned practitioners. Tuition includes a day-long garden pass to VanDusen Botanical Gardens! Early Bird Special! First 35 tickets at reduced rate (Ends on Aug 15!) Lama Surya Das is one of the foremost Western Buddhist meditation teachers and scholars. The Dalai Lama affectionately calls him “the American Lama”.  He has spent over forty five years studying Zen, Vipassana, Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism with many of the great old masters of Asia, among them, some of the Dalai Lama’s own teachers. He is an authorized lama in the Tibetan Buddhist order, a leading spokesperson for Buddhism and contemporary spirituality, a translator, poet, meditation master, chant master, and spiritual activist.  Lama Surya Das is the author of the international bestselling Awakening trilogy: Awakening the Buddha Within, Awakening to the Sacred and Awakening the Buddhist Heart, as well as his latest book Make Me One With Everything: Buddhist Meditations to Awaken from the Illusion of Separation, and nine other books. In 1991 he established the Dzogchen Centers and Dzogchen Retreats ( and in 1993, with the Dalai Lama, he founded the Western Buddhist Teachers Network and regularly organizes its International Buddhist Teachers’ Conferences. Today, Lama Surya Das teaches and lectures around the world, conducting dozens of meditation retreats and workshops each year and is a regular contributor at The Huffington Post. His blog, Ask The Lama, can be found at and his lecture and retreat schedule are listed at He can also be followed on Facebook (Lama Surya Das), Twitter (@LamaSuryaDas) and Instagram (lamasuryadasusa). Lama Surya Das resides in Lexington, Massachusetts.

at VanDusen Botanical Garden
5251 Oak Street
Vancouver, Canada

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