Massage Types and Supplies

There are many massage styles in the market today. With the development of these styles, there are equipments that will suit each style. A professional masseuse should know what type of supplies they should have whenever they have a client.

After a hard days’ work it is good to go treat yourself to a relaxing massage. Whether to have it done in a Spa or in the comfort of your home, it is always nice to pamper yourself once in a while in order to keep your system balanced.

Hence, massage can be applied manually with the hands, fingers, forearm, elbow, and feet. Aside from this, it can be done mechanically, with the use of machines. In adjunct to massage, some modalities are also used in order to increase the effectiveness of the massage such as hot packs, hot stones, or ultrasound.

Massage helps ease away the tension from your mind and relax tired aching muscles. Massage also has a lot of benefits and this can be applied in various ways that will cater to your needs. Research has also shown that massage has helped relieve pain, reduce depression and anxiety, and improve blood circulation. It also has temporary effects such as the reduction of blood pressure and heart rate and helps stimulate the immune system.

There are many types of massage. They usually vary in technique, and concerned with how the strokes are applied on the body. Hence, it is recommended that when you have plans of having a massage done, always have it done by a professional. It may look simple but the principles behind each stroke are important in order to achieve the desired effect. When it is done by an inexperienced person, this may only lead to injury and harm. Instead of relaxing your tired and tensed muscles, you may end up with an injured and strained muscle due to an improper technique that was applied or too much pressure that was given at the area too early. It is also important that your body rests in the right position.

Professional massage therapists know which tools and equipments they will use for a particular type of massage. A massage can be done on a massage table, massage chair or on the floor using a mat. Towels are used to drape the person during massage so that only minimal areas are exposed. For hygienic purposes, towels are used to cover the table if washable table sheets are not available.

Aside from the massage beds, chair, towels, and table sheets, another essential thing you will need would be massage oils. Essential aromatherapy oils should also be handled carefully because they are usually in a concentrated formula and are mixed with carrier oils. You need to dilute it before applying it onto the skin of the client.

Here are the most common massage types:
* Swedish Massage
* Aromatherapy Massage
* Sports Massage
* Thai Massage
* Shiatsu
* Reflexology Massage
* Stone Massage
* Deep Tissue Massage

Here is a list of basic supplies you will need for a massage:
Massage bed – should be of good quality for it to last long. Portable massage beds are available for those who will do home service
Massage chairs – usually used for back and neck massage

Towels – different sizes are needed and several pieces. Towels are changed after each client for hygienic purposes

Carrying case – used to place all necessary supplies such as towels and oils for home service

Scented candles and diffusers – are used to set the mood

Set of music CDs and player – to have a relaxing and soothing sound
Hot stones for hot stone massage

Hot/cold massage tool
Linens for the massage table
Body oil – carrier oils and essential oils are needed if you will do aromatherapy

Carrier oils are also used in order to diffuse essential oils. This is important, so that the skin will not be irritated. Some carrier oils have a light scent and it will not fight with the scent of the essential oil. For those who are sensitive to strong aroma but can tolerate light scents, the use of these carrier oils is recommended.

Thus, when mixing essential oils with the carrier oil, add about 12-15 drops of your essential oil to an ounce of carrier oil and shake to mix well. A diffuser can also be used to bring out the scent if you do not like it on your skin but would like to smell it while having your massage.

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