1. David Roman David Roman

    Would love to hear Shawn on the JRE.

  2. Joseph Johnson Joseph Johnson

    These two guys are such great examples of well- balanced manhood, I have learned so much from the both of them! love you guys!

  3. Edison Steven Rosario Edison Steven Rosario

    your the man thank you sensei marcus hahahahahah

  4. Captain Philosophical Captain Philosophical

    At the end of the episode you talked about how we can be whoever we want to be, at any moment. I have thought about that concept before and thought how that must be easy for actors. It's definitely a skill worth learning. Thanks for the uplifting info.

  5. The Family Seed The Family Seed

    We love aubrey but some of this needs to be geared more towards kids be cuz all of dummies( including me)Get lost in dick jokes and frat jokes from joe and tfatk thanks aubrey love the gary episode but as a fan please please please have the great Mike Rashid on


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