1. Leanne Strong Leanne Strong

    Hi, I'm 23 (24 at the end of June) and have an Autism Spectrum diagnosis.  I am thinking about possibly starting a school or alternative learning program that is geared toward school age children (pre-K or Kindergarten through high school) who happen to be on the Autism Spectrum.  I already know that I would want the school or program to be geared toward children all over the spectrum.  From those who communicate well verbally, but struggle with social skills, to those who have significant difficulty communicating verbally, and would find it extremely difficult to function in a regular classroom.  What will I need to know in order to start a special school or alternative learning program (besides the percentage of children in the area who have an Autism Spectrum diagnosis, the number of schools or alternative education programs in the area that are geared toward children on the Autism Spectrum, and the average household income in the area)?  What will I need to do or have?

  2. Bradley Nicklow Bradley Nicklow

    why would you dislike this video? I would have done anything to go to a school like this but no because the stupid no child left behind just passed me on. I am 23 now so its too late.

  3. Leanne Strong Leanne Strong


    I'm 22 (23 in late June), and have Asperger Syndrome. I was wondering. Do you have an after school or before school program? If you do, I'm sure a lot of working parents/guardians and parents/guardians who have more than 1 child would greatly appreciate that. Also, do you have any schools here in Upstate New York? I have lived in Upstate New York my whole life, and from what I have seen on this video, I think I would have really enjoyed a program like this. Do you also have a program that focuses mainly on social skills or other executive functions?


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