1. andy Cain andy Cain

    sometimes words can explain how you feel this piece tells it all 😞

  2. Mirtagf Mirtagf

    this is amazing, the cut choices, the light, the dance, the dancers and the editing blend toghether so well. Is amazing how the movements of the camera underline the meansing behind the dancers movement. This piece of art is perfectly human, I have no other words to describe it.

  3. Victoria Victoria

    This dance and song reminds me of my biggest fear, My best friend being convinced by doctors she needs medicine to "fix" her brain which is so unique it pains me to think she will change because of some STUPID MEDICINE, and i'm in tears just writing this and i dont cry often

  4. emily m emily m

    most amazing and moving interpretation ever. how fitting this is a dance because there are no words. I battled heroin addiction for 10 yrs and have now been clean almost 5 yrs but lost numerous friends and a boyfriend along the way. my current boyfriend and I got clean on the same day and he is now about to graduate school to be an addiction counselor. winning the battle IS possible. this is going on my Playlist indefinitely.

  5. Melanny Perez Melanny Perez

    omg, im soooo sooo super speechless!! I'm in love with this choreography. Now, this is called art.

  6. It'smekkj It'smekkj

    this is art! fantastic <3

  7. Samy neko Samy neko

    mds q perfeição

  8. Morourarii Hoata Morourarii Hoata

    thank you so much i'm really in love😔❤

  9. rixo27 rixo27

    absolutely brilliant holy shit

  10. Sonsel Gökhan Tartan Sonsel Gökhan Tartan

    a wonderful performance to explain something so important so incredibly well, THANK YOU BOTH  '❤ ❤'

  11. Ryan Torres Ryan Torres

    What are the dancers names?

  12. Carlos Mendoza Carlos Mendoza

    Nice ass ! 😍

  13. Willa Smilo Willa Smilo

    I cry every time I watch this because I use to have a drug addiction and this song seriously helped me through it and when I saw this video for the first time I broke down

  14. Move Along Move Along

    Could someone help me understand the story line? I'm not sure how to interpret it

  15. Holli Arguelles Holli Arguelles

    I have always believed that art cannot honestly be called art unless it invokes emotion. I've watched this video more times than I can count but every time I walk away with a different perspective and deep emotion. Talent like this is rare.

  16. Katelynn Wiser Katelynn Wiser

    This song is very emotional to me because this is the situation I am in with family whom I love. This is a beautiful video.

  17. Armando Lozano Briones Armando Lozano Briones

    OMG! That jump was stunning!!!!


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