Meditation Sip Tea And Paint

Meditation Sip Tea And Paint
Event on 2017-08-19 17:00:00
This class will be a combination of meditation and painting.Ingrid will teach different meditation techniques, before and after the painting class, aswell as explaining the points of chakra. There will be also homemade hibiscus tea available the entire time, with light snacks for everyone. We will also have raffles available. Ingrid Diaz Dominican  is a Afro-Latina Born and partially raised in ENY Brooklyn. Working in the medical field assisting members in the best way possible and ensuring they are getting proper care and services by working with the team and ensuring their need. And by night  she is a blogger/vlogger who educates women/men of all ethnicities on how to properly care for their curly hair by preparing their very own DIY treatments right from their kitchen and achieving the same results or even better without breaking the bank, as well as sharing product reviews on all natural products. She balances her life by allowing her body to whine down, not just through sleep but in the present moment by becoming still and meditating. Shes been meditating for four years and it's brought out a deeper level of self being which has allowed her to listen to her inner voice and tap into her creative being which she loves sharing with others.

at Manhattan Beach
Manhatten Beach, New York, United States
New York, United States



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